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Royal Navy will defend British waters after Brexit

Royal Navy will defend British waters after Brexit according to UK Minister. The UK Environment Secretary Michael Gove has said the Government will call upon the Royal Navy to protect UK fishing territories as he outlined increased protections on British fishing waters to be put in place after Brexit.

According to a report in the Daily Express, the minister said that up to 60 additional recruits would be needed to protect British fishing waters after Brexit, who would be taken from the private sector and the Royal Navy.

Mr Gove made the comments while answering questions from peers in a House of Lords sub-committee meeting on preparations the government is making for a no-deal Brexit scenario.

Mr Gove was questioned over the level of “additional resources” needed to effectively control access to UK waters after the country has left the European Union.

He said: “We’ve presented a business case to the treasury, outlining the additional capacity that we need. Both ships and also aviation but also staff.

“We’ll need to recruit potentially another sixty people to work in fisheries protection work, we’re in the process of recruiting those people now.

“They’ll need three months training in order to get people to be ready and effective to do their job.

“We’ll get some of that capacity from the private sector, but it’s also the case we will need some capacity from the Royal Navy.”