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Russian aquaculture production soars. According to preliminary data, in the first quarter of 2020, aquaculture production in the Russian Federation increased by 37.5% compared to 2019, amounting to more than 112.8 thousand tons.

The most significant growth dynamics were recorded in the Far Eastern Federal District, where the volume of fish and seafood cultivation increased by almost 80% to 39.53 thousand tons. The production volume of the enterprises of the Siberian Federal District increased by 53.7%, to almost 678 tons. The Southern Federal District also entered the top three in terms of growth rates, where the volume of aquaculture production increased by 38.7% and amounted to about 29.17 thousand tons.

The dynamics of production is largely related to the distribution at the auctions for investors of new areas for aquatic and mariculture, which began three years ago in Russia after the entry into force of the law on aquaculture, as well as thanks to government support measures for the industry.

The main production volumes of commodity products also fall in the Far Eastern Federal District (39.53 thousand tons), Southern (about 29.17 thousand tons), and North-Western (more than 24.35 thousand tons) federal districts.

Production of fish stocks increased by 29.7% and amounted to about 9.2 thousand tons. Commodity fish was grown by almost 38.3% more than in 2019 – about 103.61 thousand tons.

The most significant growth dynamics compared to last year was shown by the production of kelp, which increased by more than 2.2 times, up to 17.67 thousand tons. The top three in terms of growth rates also include invertebrates and cyprinids, whose production in the first quarter of 2020 increased by 52.8% and 28.3%, to almost 23 thousand tons and 34.76 thousand tons, respectively.

At present, the regions may still receive updated data on the volume of production of aquaculture products. Full summary statistics for 2019, including by species of fish and shellfish, will be presented later.

In 2019, the volume of commercial aquaculture production amounted to 286.78 thousand tons, which is almost 20.2% higher than in 2018. The draft development strategy for the domestic fisheries complex provides for an almost three-fold increase in the production of aquaculture products by 2030 – up to 600 thousand tons.