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Seafood Processing



Russian fishery company in pollock agreement. Russian Fishery Company (RFC) CEO Fedor Kirsanov and the Agama Group CEO Yuri Alasheev have signed a long-term agreement on joint production of premium quality Alaska Pollock ‘ready to cook’ products.

Under the combined brand “Agama-Nordeco” (Nordeco – RFC’s retail brand) 100-gram portions of fillet and mince will be produced from RFC’s Frozen-at-Sea (FAS) Alaska Pollock. Individually packed Alaska Pollock fillets are also planned to be produced. According to the agreement, RFC will supply FAS Alaska Pollock fillet and mince blocks as well as shatterpack fish to Agama production facilities. Agama will produce ‘ready to cook’ products without full defrosting during processing, which will ensure the preservation of the nutritive properties and pure taste of Alaska Pollock.

“We highly appreciate the experience and expertise of the Agama Group in the production and promotion of high-quality fish products,”  commented Fyodor Kirsanov. “I am sure that the joint brand ‘Agama-Nordeco’ will guarantee a consistently high quality of Alaska Pollock products.”

Yuri Alasheev said: “Agama has always done and is doing everything to guarantee that Russian consumers experience the maximum quality of fish and seafood, which is only possible with close integration with the producers of raw materials.

“We believe, that long-term cooperation with such a stable and strategically-minded partner as the RFC will reliably provide Russian people with perfect Alaska Pollock products.”

According to the contract, the RFC will start supplying FAS Alaska Pollock to the Agama Group as of December 2018. Products under the ‘Agama-Nordeco’ brand will appear in stores in the first quarter of 2019.