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Russian Pollock Catch Increases in Far Eastern Basin – According to the industry monitoring system, by March 24, 2020, in the Far Eastern basin, the Russian pollock catch amounted to 786.8 thousand tons, which is almost 6% higher than in 2019.

Pacific herring was 6.1% more – 57.1 thousand tons , cod production increased by almost 22.4% – up to 47.6 thousand tons. The organization and results of the fishery were discussed at a meeting of the headquarters of the Okhotsk Sea Putina of season “A” (winter-spring) in the Far Eastern fisheries basin, which was held by Petr Savchuk, deputy head of the Federal Fisheries Agency, in a video conference with the Agency’s territorial departments.

714.7 thousand tons were caught in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk – 5.1% higher than in 2019. Including in the Kamchatka-Kuril and West Kamchatka subzones, the total catch amounted to 551.8 thousand tons – 8.5% higher than last year, in the North Okhotsk Sea – 153.9 thousand tons, 12.8% more level 2019.

In the remaining areas of pollock, less than 25 thousand tons of each were caught.

Since the beginning of the year, Pacific herring in the Far Eastern basin has been caught 57.1 thousand tons, which is 6.1% more than last year. Including in the North Okhotsk Sea Subzone – 56.5 thousand tons, 10% more than in 2019.

Cod in the Far Eastern basin produced 47.6 thousand tons – 22.4% more than in 2019. In the East Kamchatka zone – about 18 thousand tons, 19.3% more than last year, in the North Kuril zone – 9.1 thousand tons, almost 2.5 times more.

There are 97 fishing vessels operating in the Pollock fishery, one vessel is engaged in the extraction of herring, and three vessels are on cod.

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