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Salmon farmers rank top on sustainability index. The Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance shared an assessment of the Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, released on November 7, noting that farm-raised salmon received the top marks for environmental, social and governance performance.

The independent Coller FAIRR Protein Producer Index, released on November 7th, recognises farmed-raised salmon producers as global sustainable food leaders. By all indicators, salmon farming is the most environmentally efficient large-scale animal production on the planet: lowest fresh water use, lowest carbon emissions, smallest environmental footprint.

The Coller FAIRR Index is the world’s only comprehensive assessment of publicly-traded animal protein producers on critical environmental, social and governance issues. Seven of the top ten companies are salmon farming companies, and the top and third positions are held by Mowi and Grieg Seafood, both of which have operations on both coasts of Canada. Canada’s two other major salmon producers, Cermaq and Cooke Aquaculture, are privately-held companies and not included in this index, but they are globally recognized in other leading sustainability indices.

“Canadian salmon farming companies are dedicated to a healthy planet and a healthy future for all people,” said Timothy Kennedy, President & CEO, Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance. “We are proud to see this reflected in the global ranking of salmon producers among the most sustainable protein producers on earth. Canadian salmon farmers intend to lead in sustainability for years to come, and we have ambitious performance targets set out in our National Salmon Farming Commitments that will propel us toward our goal of becoming the world’s best producers of farm-raised salmon.”

Canadian salmon farming will play an essential role in meeting the global seafood supply needs for sustainable, nutritious, low-carbon footprint protein. Within Canada, farm-raised salmon is the most popular seafood choice by a large margin, making up almost 4 of 10 seafood meals for Canadians. Currently, farm-raised salmon accounts for an overwhelming 97% of all salmon harvested here, over 86% of all farm-raised finfish, and almost 80% of the value of all farm-raised seafood.

“There is such an incredible opportunity for this innovative food producing sector in Canada,” continued Kennedy. “In addition to playing a leadership role in environmental stewardship, Canadian salmon farmers are producing a healthy and secure food, creating year-round jobs, and they are opening new economic opportunities for rural, coastal and Indigenous communities.”

Photo credit: Feed Additive Magazine