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Salmon released into Atlantis submersible pen

Salmon released into Atlantis submersible pen

Last week 100,000 fish were released into the Atlantis submerged pen at the Skrubbholmen facility south of Rørvik in Norway. This is the first time a biomass of this size has been put in a pen and submerged 30 meters below the surface.

The fish, which are about 3 kilos, were treated for lice before being released into the pen and will reside in Atlantis until harvesting this summer.

“The operation was well-planned and took place without any issues. The fish quickly calmed down and resumed a good pattern of movement inside the pen,” says Project Manager Trude Olafsen.

Atlantis Subsea Farming AS is owned by SinkabergHansen, AKVA group and Egersund Net. The goal is to have the pen submerged as much as possible, and at the surface as little as possible. The submersible pens can in principle be moored with regular frame moorings. The investments are justifiable in relation to the operational benefits it is expected that Atlantis will provide.

The project has done a few changes since the first round of fish, including the instalment of load shackles to get a better overview of how the environmental forces are impacting the pen construction. The control system with associated technology has been built into a container to allow easy transfer between barges.

Project Manager Olafsen is satisfied with last week’s operation. With 100,000 fish in the pen, the project is getting close to a normal operational situation and will gain valuable experience in the time to come.

“Everyone involved did a great job during the operation and the fish will now be closely monitored by SinkabergHansen’s skilled vets and operational personnel. The project has reached a new milestone.”

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