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Scots Fisheries Minister calls for Brexit support funding clarity

Scottish Fisheries Secretary Fergus Ewing has called on the UK Government to urgently clarify how it will provide the multi-year industry support funding previously supplied by the EU.

Commenting on the UK Fisheries Act, which received Royal Assent this week, Mr Ewing said: “While this Act will provide a necessary framework to manage fisheries from 1 January 2021, we continue to believe that the best future for Scotland is as an independent nation in the European Union.

“Nothing in this legislation can compensate for the loss of our biggest seafood markets in the EU and the wider damage that it will cause to our coastal communities.

“With just over 5 weeks until the end of the transition period, the UK Government must urgently clarify how it will provide us with the multi-year funding which was available from the EU, and support the new powers. We will also continue to oppose, in the strongest possible terms, any attempt by the UK Government to undermine devolved competence over fisheries and other interests through its Internal Market Bill.

“The Fisheries Act demonstrates what we and many stakeholders have long argued – that frameworks, which are negotiated and agreed by the UK and devolved administrations, rather than being imposed by the UK Government, are the only tool needed to manage different policy approaches upon EU Exit. The Internal Market Bill is unnecessary, and will cut across the frameworks process and fundamentally undermine devolution.

“The delivery of the Fisheries Act in Scotland will be supported through the development of our Future Fisheries Management plans. Sustainability will be at the heart of the strategy, which will be published before the end of the year.”