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Seafood Expo Global:Seafood Processing Global Begins

Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global, the world’s most diverse seafood industry event organised by Diversified Communications, has opened its doors today in Barcelona to host its largest edition ever. Marking its 30th edition, the expo brings together seafood suppliers, equipment manufacturers, and service providers from around the globe to showcase their latest offerings. Attendees, including buyers and industry professionals, have the opportunity to explore cutting-edge innovations and emerging trends in the seafood sector.

Over the next three days, the Expo will reinforce its position as the world’s leading platform for presenting the latest innovations in seafood products with its Seafood Excellence Global Awards in the Hotel/Restaurant/Catering (HORECA) and Retail sectors. This year, the range of cultural flavors, health-conscious ingredients and product formations and ready-to-eat offerings are among the leading trends in the sector. Seafood charcuterie, fish chips, pickled wakame seaweed and seafood spreads are some examples of products that can be seen at the Expo.

Key trends in the seafood industry

The emerging trends in the seafood industry are reflected in the list of finalists for the Seafood Excellence Global Awards, and the winners will be announced today, Tuesday 23 April at a reception at 18:15 in CC5.

Flavor and Culture Fusion – One of the key trends is based on a blend of traditional flavors with global influences. Examples include salmon with Chinese spices, Spanish citrus, and Thai flavors, showcasing a creative combination of culinary cultures.

Innovation in Presentation and Texture – Innovation extends beyond flavor to the way products are presented. From “Frozen white fish dumplings,” ‘”Gyoza'” to “Lemon sourdough-battered cod goujon and cooked” and “Surimi Sausage with Crab Meat, Salmon or Bacalao,” creativity expands to the aesthetics and texture of the foods.

Focus on Healthier Ingredients and Product Innovations – There is a leaning towards healthier and more sustainable products, such as “Oven-baked salmon with roasted coconut flavor,” catering to health-conscious consumers’ demands.

Convenience and Ready-to-Eat – The industry addresses the need for quick and convenient meals with products like “Lobster pies,” “Wellington Salmon” and “Shrimp Gyoza with sweet chili sauce,” underscoring the importance of convenience in the culinary experience.

Creativity in Ingredients – Innovation is manifested in the use of unconventional ingredients, such as “Wakame pickles” and “Crunchy lemon-flavored seaweed sticks,” reflecting a quest for unique flavors and distinctive culinary experiences.

Commitment to Quality and Certifications – The quality and authenticity of products are emphasized through specific certifications and the quality of the ingredients used, as evidenced by “Frozen Viera Label Rouge without roe” and “Smoked salmon candy from Latitude 45.”

Data and technology applied to the seafood industry – The importance of Big Data and advanced technologies will be seen at Seafood Processing Global. More and more companies are presenting new formats and processing machinery as more environmentally friendly alternatives applied to fishing or aquaculture and new traceability solutions to improve the industry’s competitiveness.

These trends indicate a dynamic and ever-evolving industry committed to innovation and excellence to meet consumers’ changing demands, offering high-quality, healthy products with added value in presentation and flavor.

This evening at 18:15, the highly anticipated Seafood Excellence Global Awards reception will take center stage, spotlighting the industry’s most outstanding seafood products of the year showcased at the Expo. A total of 85 entries vied for the coveted awards, with 8 entries from the HORECA sector and 32 from retail. After rigorous evaluation, 40 finalists emerged, representing a diverse array of products from 15 countries worldwide. The winners of these prestigious awards will be unveiled today during the Seafood Excellence Global Awards presentation, setting a benchmark for excellence in the global seafood industry.

Sustainability and Artificial Intelligence, main topics of the conference program

The impact of climate change on ocean health and food security is one of the main topics of the educational conference program, which will also explore traceability and the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the industry. The program features over 90 international industry experts, ranging from seafood professionals and policymakers to entrepreneurs, NGO representatives, and specialists in biodiversity and sustainability.

Mark Blyth, The William R. Rhodes ’57 Professor of International Economics, The Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs at Brown University, will deliver this year’s keynote address “The Outlook for 2025 and Beyond: American Tariffs, European Stagnation, and Asian Resilience,” on Wednesday, 24 April at 12:00. The global economist will address short-, medium-, and long-term topics of relevance to the global seafood community – from the November 2024 U.S. election to inflation to decarbonization of the economy in different regions of the world.

Another headline session will also be taking place tomorrow with Larsen Mettler, Managing Director, S2G Ventures; Rui Gomes, CEO of Longline Environment; Kira Smiley, Senior Program Manager – Business Development, Tidal @ Alphabet’s X, The Moonshot Factory; Rajamanohar Somasundaram, CEO of Aquaconnect; and Mathew Zimola, CEO of ReelData AI. Titled “Advancing the Industry with Artificial Intelligence,” this presentation will explore how AI is being used across the industry today and how it is revolutionizing seafood production, shipping, and decarbonization.

Sustainability is one of the main topics discussed at Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global and a focal point of many of the sessions. Moderated by Leonardo Pradela, from the Walton Family Foundation, “Climate Resiliency and the Protection of Blue Foods” today explored the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that lie at the intersection of climate change, blue foods sustainability and the role of seafood businesses.

The complete conference program can be found on the event website at https://www.seafoodexpo.com/global/conference-program/. Attending the conference program requires a conference pass.

For further information about Seafood Expo Global/Seafood Processing Global, and to register, visit: www.seafoodexpo.com/global.