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Seafood The Food Of Love Say Scientists

Seafood The Food Of Love Say Scientists – Setting “the mood” can be hard, especially on a day of like Valentine’s Day, but according to scientists loading your plate up with good, Aussie seafood might just give you an edge.

A study, published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism, found couples who ate more seafood, had more sex. And while we’ve all heard that seafood is one of the world’s best aphrodisiacs it looks like there might be some truth behind it.

“Researchers followed 500 US couples for one year, asking them to log their seafood consumption and sexual activity in daily journals,” Seafood Industry Australia (SIA) CEO Jane Lovell said

“They found those who ate two or more portions of seafood a week spent more time between the sheets

“We all know seafood is touted as an aphrodisiac, but there are scientific reasons why this is so.

“According to the study, couples are 39 percent more likely to be intimate on days when they have both eaten seafood, such as fish or oysters. And, those who ate at least two portions a week romped an average of eight times per month, compared to six times for those who ate less.

“Seafood is very high in protein, and researchers say the protein-rich foods like tuna, sardines and salmon can give your libido a boost and improve your stamina.

“Oysters are always associated with Cupid’s big day, and lothario Casanova was said to eat 50 for breakfast each day; with impressive if not scandalous benefits. However, these molluscs’ are rich in rare amino acids which can trigger increased levels of sex hormones, while their high zinc content provides the body with refuelling qualities.

“Whether you’re shucking a dozen oysters to serve at sunset or ordering a seafood to celebrate the international day of love, make sure you ‘Ask for Aussie seafood’, one of the cleanest and greenest protein sources in the world.”




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