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SEAPA Gain International Growth

SEAPA gain international growth as their innovative aquaculture shellfish system receive recognition and global growth driven by the increased demand for premium oysters.

SEAPA the Adelaide based aquaculture company are celebrating this year as their innovative oyster cultivation baskets manufacturing business rises to the challenge of International demand for fresh oysters. The company have been manufacturing in their South Australia since 1998, but has seen significant growth in the last 3 years in particular in the United States and France.

SEAPA’s exports have grown from 25% to 75% of its business and the company now have offices in Asia, Europe and North America. The company, celebrating its 20th anniversary of designing, manufacturing and supplying world class oyster farming equipment, have this month been awarded the 2018 Business SA Export Agribusiness Award for outstanding international success in the field of agricultural products.

The range of aquaculture supplies from SEAPA has expanded to cover over 60 products which has seen the company grow as a global supplier and a recognised leader in shellfish aquaculture technology.

SEAPA’s oyster baskets, originally designed for adjustable long line Pacific Oyster framing in Australia have been redesigned and adapted for different farming techniques to suit other farming methods such as the increasingly popular sub-tidal, deep water technique.

In a recent article in The Lead , South Australia, Group Sales Manager Alex Jack said SEAPA worked with farmers in a variety of environments to help provide methods for producing high quality oysters that could be sold in-shell at a premium.

“We’re really trying to focus on the knowledge that we’ve built over 20 years and trying to leverage that,” he said.

China grows about 80 per cent of the 5 million tonnes of oysters produced globally each year, almost all of its oysters are produced for oyster sauce and bulk meat.

Other globally significant producers include Korea (6.2%), Japan (4.3%), USA (3.4%) and France (2.1%). Australia traditionally produces 10,000 – 15,000 tonnes of oysters each year, less than 0.5% of global supply.

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