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Seafood Processing



By Laura Aitken.

Shetland to Showcase Seafood. The Shetland Fish Producer’s Organisation (SFPO), has begun a study into how best to advertise and promote local seafood. With funding provided by the Shetland Fisheries Local Action Group (FLAG), local residents have been asked to complete a survey which aims to identify whether a seafood marketplace would be welcomed, and identify ways in which this might be provided.

Possible options and ideas may include:

• A space to maximise retail opportunities for seafood and other local food and drink products;
• An eating area where food can be cooked and sold;
• Provision for small scale processing units on site to encourage the development of new products;
• A cookery school to enable locals and visitors to learn new skills and experience the cooking of local produce; and
• A learning room which could be used to inspire and motivate people to become involved in the industry and promote the varied career paths available.

‘We feel that more could be done to showcase the fantastic seafood we have here, and were keen to identify the best way forward for such a project’ said SFPO policy officer, Sheila Keith.‘We would be interested in something which would complement other initiatives in Shetland and encourage entrepreneurship in the seafood sector. We know what other countries do to promote their seafood industries to their communities, for example the Fisketorget (fish market) in Bergen.’

She said that the survey will be ‘a huge help in understanding what may be economically viable’ in terms of promoting Shetland’s seafood.

The survery is available to complete at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Shetlandmarketplace