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Seafood Processing



Skaginn 3X scoops award. The Federation of Municipalities in West-Iceland awarded fish processing machinery company Skaginn 3X with the SSV Innovation Awards 2020 last month. The presentation took place at Breið Innovation Centre in Akranes, Iceland.

For the past four years,  companies that have produced an outstanding innovation in their field have received the awards. SSV’s business consultants analyse the operations of companies in the area and nominate three of them to the SSV’s board. The decision this year was unanimous and Skaginn 3X was chosen as the innovator of the year.

Designed by goldsmith Dýrfinna Torfadóttir, the award was presented  to Ingólfur Árnason, CEO of Skaginn 3X by Páll S. Brynjarsson, Executive Director of SSV. Due to Covid-19 restrictions the ceremony was simple and low key.

Innovation, coupled with food processing knowledge and experience, has made Skaginn3X an expert in meeting the rigorous requirements of international clients in the food processing sector. The company  offers a range of patented chilling, freezing and thawing solutions as well as efficient food processing systems for seafood, fish, poultry and meat processing. Skaginn 3X focuses on maximising product quality as well as increasing yield, throughput and overall operational efficiency in the food processing industry.