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Seafood Processing



Sotra secures new chilling system. Norwegian salmon producer Sotra Fiskeindustri has invested in a SUB-CHILLING™ system from Iceland’s Skaginn 3Xd , the two companies revealed on Wednesday.

With Skaginn 3X’s SUB-CHILLING™ system, fish can be cooled down to -1.5 °C. This process provides many advantages, such as extended product shelf-life and better processing yield, not to mention significantly reducing the carbon footprint.

“If we can get the fish below 0°C, we will see several benefits,” Sotra’s general manager Kjell Inge Eide said. “We can almost eliminate the use of ice in our boxes. Proper cooling methods play a key role in maintaining the quality and durability of the fish.”

“Today’s requirements state that the temperature of fish should be kept below 4°C when transported. These requirements will not be any less stringent in the future,” Eide added.

“In addition to this, local road authorities have had to tackle icy road conditions due to water drainage from transport lorries caused by melted ice. This problem is eliminated with SUB-CHILLING™ as this cooling method requires no ice during transport.”

SUB-CHILLING™ uses patented technology to cool the fish to below 0°C without freezing it. The method eliminates the need for ice, reducing transport weight by 15-25 percent.

This considerably cuts down on fuel and labour costs. The fish itself becomes the cooling refrigerant and the temperature is maintained below 0°C for several days and in most cases all the way to the buyer.

“Today’s method of packing salmon in EPS boxes requires a lot of ice to keep the temperature down during transport. With SUB-CHILLING™, you will reduce and even eliminate the need for ice, while receiving all the benefits it provides,” said Magni Veturlidason, the managing director of Skaginn 3X’s Norwegian subsidiary.

“We are proud to have Sotra as a customer and are convinced that the new system will give the company good results in the future,” he added.

The system will be up and running at Sotra Fiskeindustri in February next year.