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Sutton Harbour committed to re-establishing the fish market. Sutton Harbour says it is committed to working with the south-west England fishing industry following the news that Plymouth Trawler Agents have ceased trading and that they will endeavour to re-establish the fish market as soon as possible..

A statement from Sutton Harbour said:

“The Company first became aware via direct notification from the Plymouth Trawler Agents (PTA) on Friday May 3rd 2024, of the PTA’s intention to cease trading and operations on May 17th 2024 with the holding of their final market on that date.

“The PTA has been a long-standing pillar of the fishing community and strategic partner with the Company, and we are saddened by these turn of events.

“The Company is committed to the re-establishment of the fish market at Sutton Harbour as quickly as possible, and to that end has commenced discussions with entities who have expressed interest in assuming the operation of the market.

“Since receipt of the news, the Company has been intensively engaged with various and multiple strategic stakeholders for the implementation of immediate arrangements, including Plymouth City Council, the Plymouth Fishing & Seafood Association (PFSA), the operators of the Brixham and Newlyn fish markets, local vessel owners and skippers, and others. These immediate arrangements are being put in place to ensure that catch being landed to Sutton Harbour will be brought to market at either Brixham or Newlyn.

“The Company is committed to continue providing its services to enable the landing of fish at Sutton Harbour, including the sale of fuel and ice. Vessels are encouraged to establish contractual relationships with the Brixham and Newlyn operators to enable the settlement of auction proceeds, as well as sale of fuel and ice via Sutton Harbour in the most efficient and seamless manner.

“The Company is committed to working with the fishing industry and its various members to “weather this storm”, with the hope and intention of emerging from it together, with a stronger and enhanced fish market operation looking to the future.”

Image courtesy Sutton Harbour Group