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Waitrose launches fishless fingers

Waitrose launches Fishless Fingers – Waitrose is launching Fishless Fingers, made from breaded seaweed tofu with a crispy coating and said to have a subtle fish flavour.

According to a report in the Daily Mail, the first vegan fish finger is being launched in the high street as supermarkets tap into a radical shift in eating habits –away from meat, dairy and fish.

The report states: “It is claimed more young people will give up meat in January – as part of the Veganuary campaign – than will turn away from booze in a post-Christmas health kick.

“Waitrose suggests its vegan fish fingers should be paired with its vegan-friendly tartare sauce and sourdough bread for the perfect sandwich.”

A pack of six Waitrose Fishless Fingers is on offer at £3.19 this month, before rising to a standard price of £3.99.