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E-Catch Aucxis partnership. The companies E-Catch and Aucxis have both been active for many years in various segments of the fishing industry. The strength of both companies is their customised solutions thanks to which they are able to respond to the customers’ new needs.

E-Catch has gained extensive experience in terms of the needs from professional practice. The market approach of E-Catch takes particularly form through the shipowners and shipowner companies. Long-term practical tests in close collaboration with the government have led to the development of products which meet all legal requirements, namely E-Catch, the compulsory electronic logbook, and M-Catch, a complete catching management platform.

Aucxis, on the other hand, is an established provider of automation solutions for auctions and sales organisations, including all peripheral processes, from supply, sale and administration to logistics and preservation. Furthermore, Aucxis offers traceability solutions for fish throughout the chain (based on RFID technology, QR code, barcode). The comprehensive solutions are successfully used in more than 65 fish auctions all over the world.

The software packages of E-Catch and Aucxis are fully compatible and serve together the entire process flow, from catch to consumption.

Aucxis is an independent solution provider, specialised in hardware and software, which integrates innovative solutions with the aim of optimising customer processes.

E-Catch is a digital fisheries logbook application developed by The Nature Conservancy. It provides a simple way for fishermen to collect, map and selectively share their fishing information in a private and secure manner. One difficult aspect of fisheries management is the timely collection and dissemination to support improved management. Currenly most fisheries either don’t collect important data or rely on slow, outdated paper-based approaches. They developed E-Catch to try and address this problem.