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Farmed rainbow trout vaccine collaboration

BioVaxys Technology Corp. and SpayVac-for-Wildlife, Inc. have announced that SpayVac has partnered with a world leader in the aquaculture space to field test single-injection, long-lasting immuno-contraceptive vaccines in farmed rainbow trout.

SpayVac utilizes a patented liposome-based antigen delivery platform technology licensed from BioVaxys (https://www.biovaxys.com/) and has demonstrated a robust and sustained immune response in several species.

Large-scale contraception or sterilization plays a major role in the commercial aquaculture industry.    As female fish mature, they put the majority of their energy into egg production, instead of muscle growth, which reduces the potential weight gain.  Additionally, farm-raised fish that escape may breed with their wild counterparts and produce offspring that are less suited to surviving in the wild. Growing reproductively contracepted or sterile fish is the most effective way to manage these challenges.

Initial research field trials were started this spring in the Pacific Northwest. “We’ve been focused on developing vaccines to help manage free-ranging populations of animals like horses and deer, so this is an exciting new venture for us”, said Dr. Bechert, Vice President of Research and Development for SpayVac-for-Wildlife, Inc.

In addition to fish aquaculture, SpayVac is planning to soon commercialize humane fertility control vaccines for deer, horses and other animals that are also based on the patented liposome-based delivery platform technology licensed from BioVaxys.

James Passin, BioVaxys CEO, stated, “We are excited at the recent progress of our licensee, SpayVac-for-Wildlife, Inc., in advancing its fish immunocontraception research. The global market for farmed fish is estimated to exceed $306,000,000,0001.  We look forward to continuing to support the important work of our partner SpayVac in the field of animal fertility vaccines.”

About SpayVac-for-Wildlife, Inc.

SpayVac-for-Wildlife, Inc., (https://spayvac.com/) based in Madison, Wisconsin, develops humane fertility-control vaccines for animals. SpayVac contraceptive vaccines are effective in a variety of species for multiple years with just a single injection. For questions about this research or SpayVac in general, please email info@spayvac.com.

About BioVaxys Technology Corp.

BioVaxys Technology Corp. (www.biovaxys.com), a biopharmaceutical company registered in British Columbia, Canada, is a clinical-stage company dedicated to improving patient lives with novel immunotherapies based on the DPX™ immune-educating technology platform and it’s HapTenix© ‘neoantigen’ tumor cell construct platform, for treating cancers, infectious disease, antigen desensitization, and other immunological fields. The Company’s clinical stage pipeline includes maveropepimut-S, a DPX™-based vaccine which is in Phase II clinical development for advanced Relapsed-Refractory Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) and platinum resistant ovarian cancer, DPX™-RSV for Respiratory Syncytial Virus, and BVX-0918, a personalized immunotherapeutic vaccine using its proprietary HapTenix© ‘neoantigen’ tumor cell construct platform which is soon to enter Phase I in Spain for treating refractive late-stage ovarian cancer. The Company is also capitalizing on its tumor immunology know-how and creation of a unique library of T-lymphocytes & other datasets post-vaccination with its personalized immunotherapeutic vaccines to utilize predictive algorithms and other technologies to identify new targetable tumor antigens.

Source: https://www.prnewswire.co.uk/news-releases/biovaxys-and-spayvac-for-wildlife-inc-announce-launch-of-field-trial-for-large-scale-immunocontraception-in-the-commercial-aquatic-farming-industry-302112898.html