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GAA throws support behind BENEFISHAL campaign. The Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) has thrown its support behind the CleanFish #BENEFISHAL campaign aimed at highlighting the benefits and positive messages in fish farming today.

The sustainable seafood company CleanFish is encouraging the seafood industry — from farmers, to scientists, to chefs and retailers — to take to social media with their good stories about aquaculture, their promising research, and their hopes for the future — and tag them #BENEFISHAL so communities online can follow along.

A statement on the GAA website says: “Due to its past problems, aquaculture seems like an easy target. Larger organisations –  like Patagonia with their new film Artifishal – see that and push the envelope with writing off the industry as a whole. The Global Aquaculture Alliance pledges to not let aquaculture be an easy target. The spotlight that is now on fish farming following the documentary can and must be used as an opportunity for the industry to convene, clarify and connect.

“For these reasons, GAA is excited to be a part of the campaign launch for #benefishal along with CleanFish. CleanFish, a sustainable seafood company, created the hashtag as a rallying cry for the aquaculture industry to showcase positivity.”

“Most of us in the industry know how incredibly sustainable aquaculture can be, and lament to each other how the ‘wild = good, farmed = bad’ narrative continues even after so much evidence to the contrary,” says CleanFish Marketing and Communications Director Alisha Lumea.

The GAA adds: “The #benefishal campaign’s purpose is to create a community online where consumers and producers alike can go to share and read about positive stories within the fish farming space. It’s a means by which we as an industry can convene and show the world the progress aquaculture has made. We invite you to share your aquaculture stories across social media using #benefishal!

“Let’s share about what aquaculture truly is: an innovative industry with a solution-oriented outlook for sustainable food systems.”