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Garware consolidates its leadership in global textile solutions. Garware Technical Fibres operates in several industries worldwide, developing innovative textile solutions in a wide range of sectors, such as: security, agriculture, geosynthetics, sports, mining, transportation, construction, aquaculture and fishing, among others, which confirms its diversification and leadership. “Our international presence is an effective way to transmit our experience in multiple textile solutions and connect with clients in various areas of the world, along with learning about the changing demands of the markets. Today we enjoy earned recognition, which reflects our unwavering commitment to innovation and quality, which drives us to constantly seek opportunities for improvement and growth,” emphasises GopaKumar Menon, Vice President of the Americas Garware Technical Fibres Limited.

This broad offering of the company is complemented by participation in multiple international fairs, such as: in the fishing area we are present at Danfish international in Aalborg, Denmark and also at Mauritania Expo, in northwest Africa. In sports we attend Sports FSB in Cologne, Germany and NSC Safety in New Orleans, south east of the United States. We also participated in the Geosyntethics Saudi Arabia Infrastructure Expo, where we exhibited our cutting-edge geosynthetic technology for the infrastructure industry. We will soon be at the International WorkBoat show in New Orleans. And Garware is also present where there is aquaculture, as was the case at The Japan International Seafood Technology Expo, held in Tokyo.

Global experience in aquaculture solutions

“Japan is a key market in the Asian region, with a high consumption of fish such as amberjack, horse mackerel, salmon and others, which are grown in cages. With Garware’s experience in other aquaculture markets and its portfolio of value-added products, the plan is to bring global cage netting expertise to the Japanese market,” said Sandeep Tiwari, Deputy General Manager Aquaculture Garware Technical Fibres Limited.

There, the challenges centre on predator attacks and exposed or high-energy sites, where in both cases, the netting material must offer an effective solution, in addition to ease of handling in operations. “This market is quite promising, in terms of openness to try innovative products and with Japanese culture being quality conscious, it gives Garware a platform to share its experiences on quality and value-added aquaculture solutions,” says Tiwari.

For its part, at AquaNor 2023, in Trondheim, Norway, we address certain industry challenges, such as fouling management, predator control and operational cost savings, focusing on three key offerings: nets with V2 technology, Sapphire CFR and IntelliNet. And we are already confirmed for AquaSur 2024, next March in Puerto Montt, Chile.

All in all, the company thus expands its presence in multiple industries and international markets, offering innovative and high-quality textile products, this being a strategy to maintain its leadership position in the market for nets and textile solutions in general. www.garwarefibres.com