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MOWI installs Aquaculture Intelligence system on Scottish salmon farms. The world’s largest producer of Atlantic salmon, MOWI, has selected Innovasea’s Aquaculture Intelligence (AI) systems to monitor twenty of its Scottish salmon farms.

The AI system will monitor dissolved oxygen and temperature at each farm by using cable-less sensors. In turn, this will provide the farms, central management, and the MOWI fish health teams with real time data and alerts on changing oxygen concentrations.

As Innovasea’s UK distributor, RS Aqua worked with MOWI to specify the multisite system and its custom online data portal.

Innovasea have developed a wireless aquaculture monitoring system called aquaCurrent, which allows producers to monitor environmental conditions online in real time.

Each farm is populated with a suite of cable-less sensors called aquaMeasures, which use a unique underwater acoustic transmission protocol to send data to a central telemetry unit called the aquaHub. The aquaHub pushes the data online in real time, over the WiFi, cellular or Iridium network.

Other monitoring systems – for example meteorological stations, current monitors and wave and tide sensors – can also be added.

About Innovasea

From land to open ocean, Innovasea provides aquatic solutions that hold up in the most challenging conditions. And stand up for life.

This requires more than just delivering the world’s most advanced aquatic technologies. It means continuously applying knowledge in science and engineering, fish tracking and farm operations to develop the ideal systems for each site. It means working shoulder-to-shoulder with customers to cultivate and protect fish populations. And it means consciously designing products and services to give back more to nature than we take. Day in and day out, they are driven by a commitment to make our ocean and freshwater ecosystems sustainable for future generations.

A pioneer in developing end-to-end solutions for aquatic ecosystems, at Innovasea, they’re intent on leading and feeding innovation.