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Ace Aquatec to stun Brussels audience at Seafood Expo Global. Scottish aquaculture technology supplier, Ace Aquatec, is set to attend Seafood Expo Global in Brussels next week where they will showcase their in-water electric stunner and introduce their Electric Fish to the global market. The event is regarded as the largest seafood trade event where industry professionals, buyers and suppliers from over 140 countries meet.

The Dundee-based firm will bring their Humane Stunner Universal (HSU) to the event. The HSU recently won Ace Aquatec’s second Queen’s Award for Enterprise Innovation. Because of its revolutionary in-water stunning, the HSU has been recognized for the positive impact it has on animal welfare across the global seafood industry. This in-water stunning technology renders the fish unconscious without removing them from the water which reduces the fish stress, improves fish quality and can double the volume of fish processed per hour.

Alongside the HSU, Ace Aquatec will also bring their Electric Fish, which was shortlisted for the Animal Welfare Award. The Electric Fish is a non-acoustic deterrent that is designed to look like a dead salmon and serves as a predator solution for areas that have regulations in place against acoustic deterrents. This deterrent was introduced to the North-American market at Seafood Expo North America earlier this year, where it received a great deal of interest.ACE AQUATEC TO STUN BRUSSELS AUDIENCE

Forbes added: “As well as being an opportunity to connect with potential customers, the Brussels Seafood Expo is always a great opportunity to keep our ears open for new insights that could lead to future products concepts. We introduced our humane electric stunner in Brussels last year and based on the conversations at that show we’ve since expanded the use to other areas like by-catch stunning and to increase egg yield production in hatcheries.”

Managing Director Nathan Pyne-Carter and Head of Sales and Marketing Mike Forbes will be in Brussels from 7-9 May at stand 4-6105