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AKVA to assemble 50 salmon pens a year at new site. AKVA Group will assemble up to 50 pens annually at its new assembly site in Tromsdalen in northern Norway.

The assembly site in Tromsdalen – with a straight view over Tromsøysundet to the city of Tromsø – was put into use in October 2018 on a 5-year contract. The site will complement AKVA group´s assembly sites at Mo i Rana, Sandstad and Bømlo along the Norwegian coast.

The 180 x 80-meter area will assemble pens destined for Vesterålen in the south and Finnmark in the north. Assembled pens will be moored in the Tromsøysund before they are towed by boat. All pipes are produced by AKVA group Helgeland Plast in Mo i Rana.

AKVA group has a presence in Tromsø through project management, sales and service. The office also has plastic welders for service assignments.

AKVA group (Polarcirkel) invented the plastic pen in 1974, and has since then supplied more than 45,000 Polarcirkel pens worldwide. The pens are made from PE raw materials especially suited for the dynamic loads of the sea and are available in a wide range of models, shapes and sizes to suit individual needs.

About AKVA Group

AKVA group is present in all markets with offices in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, Greece, Iran, Iceland, Canada, Australia and Turkey. AKVA group is a unique partner with the capability to offer both pen farming and land based aquaculture operations with complete technical solutions and service.

Technology for sustainable biology

By developing technology focused on solving the biological challenges, they contribute to the continued development of a sustainable industry. Good operational performance and fish welfare are paramount in achieving good results, and investing in their technology will help deliver both.
AKVA group is a global technology and service partner that deliver technology and services that helps solve biological challenges within the aquaculture industry. Good operational performance and fish welfare ensures sustainability and profitability for the customer. This is the premise for everything they deliver, from single components to services and complete installations. In-depth aquaculture knowledge, extensive experience and a high capacity for innovation characterizes and enables themto deliver the best solutions for both land based and pen based fish farming.