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Aucxis strengthens its market position by implementing KOSMOS. With KOSMOS, the digital trading platform in the Cloud, Aucxis clearly meets the changing needs of the worldwide auction industry. After the successful rollout of the pilot project at Brixham Trawler Agents in the United Kingdom and with the second pilot project, a network of three fish auctions in the Netherlands, in a final test phase, Aucxis has received new orders from Global Food Corridors in Greece (fruit and vegetable auction) and from Almonir in Saudi Arabia (date auction) in recent weeks. Furthermore, some customers from Belgium, France and the United Kingdom, who want to renew their existing auction system, have ordered a functional analysis for KOSMOS.

Thanks to the development of KOSMOS, Aucxis certainly retains its status of innovative market leader in the agricultural auction industry.

Automation of the date auction in Unaizah, Saudi Arabia

Today, the Unaizah date sale already takes place at a central trading location, but the supply is still handled with pen and paper. Almonir granted Aucxis the order for the delivery of two mobile and four fixed input stations to register the supply, to print supply labels and to build a catalogue for the 13 sales agents.

The ‘outdoor’ shout auction is currently maintained. However, the transactions will directly be registered in KOSMOS, which will run on premise, by means of a tablet. In this way, buyers, suppliers and auction staff will be able to request the required (historical) reports via KOSMOS. Furthermore, two information kiosks will be provided for this purpose (in the coffee and tea hall). Current auction information will be displayed on TVs. As a preparation for the switch to electronic sales, they also order a Moby Clock to organise demos and test sales on. The roll-out of the project is scheduled for June 2020.

Implementation of KOSMOS at Global Food Corridors

At the beginning of 2020, KOSMOS will be implemented at Global Food Corridors, a fruit and vegetable auction in Greece. Global Food Corridors will apply KOSMOS for the sale of fresh fruit and vegetables as well as non-perishable products such as canned fruit, cereals, olive oil, coffee from all over the world, but mainly from Greece and India.

Dimitri Haritos, Managing Director, explains why Global Food Corridors has chosen for KOSMOS: “The next generation KOSMOS trading platform knows no boundaries; it is a very user-friendly and transparent technological tool, bringing supply and demand together in a fair, reliable and coordinated manner!”.

The main added value for Global Food Corridors is the quick and worldwide access in real time to the platform for all parties within the supply chain. Another important advantage for the auction is the transparency and the possibility for configuration of the platform according to the business model of the customer. Moreover, Global Food Corridors considers it very useful that the KOSMOS platform is completely extendable and generic. This allows to easily add parameters and important data in the future.

Dimitri Haritos concludes the following: “Complete automation is the future in the supply chain, avoiding human actions and errors as much as possible. With KOSMOS, Aucxis fully meets this need”.

Roadmap for 2020

At the beginning of 2020, also the falling and rising clock, mainly for high-value goods, and the product pictures in addition to the product description will be integrated in KOSMOS