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biomar and quality salmon sotenäs (5)

BioMar and Quality Salmon Sotenäs look to create salmon of tomorrow. The letter of intent was signed between feed producer BioMar and Lighthouse Finance owned Quality Salmon. Sotenäs AB in November 2020. The agreement states that BioMar will provide feed solutions for the Atlantic salmon in Quality Salmon’s land-based RAS facility once production commences in 2022, in Sotenäs, Sweden.

“Investing 17 – 20 BSEK in the industrial park and aiming for a future production of 100.000 tons salmon per
year demonstrates our level of ambition pretty clearly. We want to do more than just framing the producing of
salmon. That is why we have chosen to partner with BioMar, as we share a mutual vision that sustainability and innovation are the key drivers for success”, stated Roy W. Høiås, CEO of Lighthouse Finance A/S.

“At BioMar we have been working with feed solutions for RAS for more than 20 years and we are excited to
partner with Quality Salmon Sotenäs to join them on their journey,” said Ole Christensen, Vice President of BioMar who heads the EMEA Division and the RAS segment.

“We have a strong focus on finding innovative and sustainable feed solutions and being a part of a project that
has a focus on circular economy and adoption of new raw materials, makes it a good match with the way we do our business.” Christensen continues.

BioMar strives for innovative solutions satisfying needs of the salmon as well as meeting the demand from
consumers on more sustainable food choices. “We believe projects like Quality Salmon Sotenäs will be
significant for meeting the demand for food in the future and look forward to cooperating with the companies
behind the Quality Salmon Sotenäs project in Sweden as well as for similar projects in other places around the globe” concludes Ole Christensen.

About Lighthouse Finance A/S and Quality Salmon Sotenäs AB

Lighthouse Finance was founded in 2013 and it is a global Norwegian-owned company with its headquarters in Oslo. The company is well-established in the seafood industry and specialises in raising capital, financing and management, covering the entire seafood value chain. Lighthouse Finance has financed several establishments of fish farms, integrated aquaculture systems and large-scale fishing and logistics vessels in Europe, North America and Asia. The company has offices in Norway, Denmark, Sweden, USA and Singapore. Quality Salmon is a concept that Lighthouse Finance invests in to globally develop Aqua Sustainable Industry Parks

About BioMar

BioMar are innovators in high performance aquaculture feed dedicated to doing our part in creating a healthy and sustainable global aquaculture industry. Currently, BioMar operates 16 feed factories across the globe in Norway, Chile, Denmark, Scotland, Spain, France, Greece, Ecuador, Turkey, China, Australia and Costa Rica. Worldwide, we supply feed to around 80 countries and for more than 45 different species. BioMar is wholly owned by the Danish industrial group Schouw & Co, which is listed on the NASDAQ, Copenhagen.

About Sotenäs municipality

Sotenäs has a long tradition of fishing and fishing industry. The municipality has the largest seafood production in the Nordic region. Over the coming decades, seafood industry will expand significantly. The earth’s population is growing and there is an increasing demand for sustainably produced seafood. Since 2015, Sotenäs pursues a long-term strategy to be the leading municipality in Sweden in terms of circular economics and symbiosis work and has created the Sotenäs Symbio Centre, which was recently appointed ‘Municipal Innovation of the Year’. The municipality sees its Symbio Centre as key to creating new sustainable industries and new jobs.