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Chicken of the Sea Frozen Food executive promoted to president of Lobster Society. The lobster representatives in eastern Canada, the Maritime Canada Inshore Lobster Trap Fishery, have recently promoted Chicken of the Sea Frozen Food’s (COSFF), Darrin Moran, from Vice President to President of the Lobster Society’s Board of Directors. The society’s Board of Directors currently work as a subsidiary of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) supporting their efforts to create a standard for sustainable and transparent lobster practices. Moran’s active role in the Lobster Society is part of Thai Union’s ongoing commitment for ocean conservation under SeaChange®.

In this new role, Moran is the key contact for MSC within Thai Union, representing client groups on both sides of the U.S./Canadian border. He works cross functionally within COSFF as the primary advisor to teams, including Procurement and Packaging, on MSC/ASC rules and regulations, managing and executing any changes that may affect COSFF production. This includes communicating with MSC/ASC for packaging approvals, MSC sales declarations on all MSC labelled products, customer complaints dealing with MSC issues, as well as conducting the audits to maintain COSFF’s MSC and ASC certifications.

While a new position for Moran, he is no stranger to lobster conservation relations across North America. He has acted as a board member of the Lobster Society since 2014, helping to support the MSC certified lobster fishery client groups in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. He honed his experience on the Board of Directors over the last four years as the Vice President, serving two terms before being promoted to President, effective November 3rd, 2021. With Moran’s support, the local lobster fishery certifications of Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick were combined under one, allowing for more transparency across client groups and greater access to MSC certified product. As a result, Moran was able to more effectively support MSC and COSFF’s efforts to ensure the sustainability of the lobster fishery.

As a leading seafood provider, Thai Union is more dedicated than ever to producing and selling high quality seafood products. To ensure this remains possible, the brand has committed to three overarching aims: the seas are sustainable now and for future generations, our workers are safe, legally employed and empowered, and combating climate change and promoting healthy diets through sustainable seafood. Working closely with sustainability organisations, like the MSC, allows Thai Union to stay accountable around the globe.

Please let me know if you are interested in learning more about Thai Union’s SeaChange® initiative or speaking with Darrin Moran about his recent promotion. I would be happy to connect you.