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Danish companies launch innovative products and solutions at Seafood Processing Global (SPG) 2024. Pavilion of Denmark will be buzzing with activity, new exhibitors and exciting product launches at Seafood Processing Global 2024.

Exhibiting at an exhibition is always a good opportunity to not only meet the key stakeholders of the industry but also to showcase brand new products and solutions. At SPG 2024 in Barcelona, 36 Danish companies join the Pavilion of Denmark to showcase their solutions to the global seafood processing, aquaculture and fishing industries.

SPG is one of the world’s leading exhibitions in the field and Danish companies bring some of the most innovative, sustainable and energy efficient solutions to Barcelona.

“SPG is one of our flagship exhibitions for us and we’re happy to once again bring a large group of Danish suppliers to Barcelona to meet important stakeholders and business partners and to promote their products and the Danish strengths,” says Martin Winkel Lilleoere, Head of Fish Tech at Danish Export Association, and organizer of Pavilion of Denmark.

From Food & Pharma to Seafood Experts
For several Danish companies, it’s their first time joining the Seafood Processing Global (SPG) exhibition in Barcelona. One of these companies is Beritech A/S, which, until recently, primarily focused on production for the food and pharmaceutical industries but has now expanded into the seafood processing market as well.

As such, SPG 2024 will mark the first time Beritech showcases their seafood processing equipment, introducing brand-new and innovative products and solutions that have not yet hit the market:

“Though seafood processing is relatively new for Beritech, we are very excited to finally introduce our new products in Barcelona. At the same time, we are thrilled to bring along some of our new colleagues, as it is because of their expertise in the field that we have been able to expand and innovate so quickly in this area. For us, SPG is not just about showcasing technology but also about connecting with potential clients and building new partnerships,” says Lars Jøker, Innovation Partner & Sales Manager at Beritech.

Founded in 2020, Beritech has since recruited several employees and industry veterans with years of experience in the food and seafood processing sectors, amassing significant expertise and a vast network within the industry at large.

Energy saving pumping technology
Another new company to the Pavilion of Denmark is LSM Pumps. The company manufactures hose pumps for different industries, including bioenergy, aquaculture- and fishing industries where fish need to be moved gently and efficiently.

LSM Pumps bring a brand new peristaltic hose pump for the fishing and aquaculture industry to SPG. The pump, which is a bit smaller than some of the other models from LSM, is not even on the market yet but has been tested at aquaculture facilities in Denmark. Director Leo Sørensen looks forward to presenting the new pump and meet new business partners in Barcelona.

“Our pumps are highly energy efficient due to the technology, that we use that really stands out from the competitors. It saves up to 80 percent of the energy and reduces emissions. We are looking forward to meeting the industry at SPG and hopefully it will lead to new business partnerships with customers from around the world,” says Leo Sørensen, director at LSM Pumps.

LSM Pumps is currently employing 15 people but are so busy that they are looking to double the number of staff and are currently expanding their production in a brand new factory start building this summer in Denmark.

Pavilion of Denmark is organised by Danish Export Association and supported by The Trade Council.