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Drysdale’s bespoke aquaculture solutions. Tasmanian company Drysdale Engineering specialises in working closely with local fish farms, including the removal of old equipment to be recycled and replacing it with new items that have been fabricated in the workshop.

The aquaculture Industry provides a considerable amount of work to the business, projects that managing director John Drysdale says require patience and understanding.

Drysdale’s designs and constructs Feed Spinners, Powerblock Winches, De -waterers, Grappal Hooks, Boat Hooks, Dip Nets, which are supplied to both local farms and even exported to New Zealand and beyond.

John Drysdale is widely known for his knowledge and experience, and his ability to come up with a solution for most problems.

Located in Tasmania, Australia, Drysdale Group have been providing professional engineering and recycling solutions since 1989 and employs 10 local people. With 30 years experience, John Drysdale, owner/managing director, has the knowledge and skill to customise creative engineering solutions for any situation.

Drysdale Engineering offers a wide range of engineering services including general welding, metal fabrication, machine shop work and more; specialising in Aquaculture solutions.

Drysdale Recycling scrap cars and metal, and provide industrial waste removal/drop off services for the local area. The Drysdale Group have the experience and qualifications to provide solutions to all engineering and recycling needs. DRYSDALE’S BESPOKE AQUACULTURE SOLUTIONS