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Eroski exceeds 3,144 tons in its purchases of certified sustainable fish in 2019

Eroski exceeds 3,144 tons in its purchases of certified sustainable fish in 2019

Spanish supermarket chain, Eroski, is advancing its commitment to a more sustainable food model by reaches 3,144 tons in its purchases of fish with sustainability certification.

Of the total, more than 1,880 tonnes are fish certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) that guarantees its origin from sustainable fishing grounds, and 820 tonnes to aquaculture fish with GGN (GLOBALG.AP Number) seal . In addition, the company bought 392 tonnes of Pacific bonito caught with pole & line vessels  and another 51 tonnes of fish with AENOR Responsible Fishing Tuna (APR) certificate among its purchases of canned fish.

 “Fishing with a sustainability certificate is gaining space in our fishmongers. We thus offer guarantees to the consumer that the fresh fish with ecolabel that he finds in our counters comes from sustainable fisheries and productions. In Eroski we work to permanently improve the standards of environmental and social sustainability of all the processes in the value chain, from the origin of production to store operations. The promotion of a more sustainable diet is part of our 10 Commitments in Health and Sustainability ”,said the director of Health and Sustainability of EROSKI, Alejandro Martínez Berriochoa.

EROSKI became three years ago the first and only retail distribution chain in Spain to pass the audit of the international Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) for the certification of the chain of custody of fresh fish from sustainable fishing grounds. The certification of Eroski fishmongers has been progressive and currently reaches 342 fresh fish counters, as well as eight logistics platforms of the group from which fresh fish is served to its network of stores.

Among the 1,880 tons of MSC-certified fish purchased by EROSKI last year were anchovy, northern bonito, lobster, cod and surimi.

Also, two years ago, EROSKI became the first distribution chain in Spain and second in Europe to pass the audit of the GLOBALG.AP certified aquaculture chain of custody that accredits that the species of sale in its fish markets from this type of Breeding have occurred safely and sustainably. Last year EROSKI bought 820 tons of seabream, sea bass, sea bass, turbot and salmon with GGN seal (GLOBALG.AP Number).

In its commitment to the most sustainable fishing gear, the retail chain also maintains an agreement with its suppliers of canned tuna by which they commit to supply according to the sustainability principles of the International Foundation for Sustainable Fisheries (ISSF).

The progress in the increase in the volume of tuna caught only with the most responsible fishing gear (pole and line fishing, APR, without FADs, MSC and FIP) now accounts for 30% of total purchases of canned tuna from sustainable and responsible fisheries. Eroski works only with suppliers that have signed their sustainable fishing policy that does not accept tuna from countries that have been warned with a yellow card by the EU for failing to comply with the measures approved by RFMOs and not establishing measures to end illegal fishing.

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