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Fiji seafood import bill

Fiji seafood import billThe aquaculture or farmed seafood import bill for Fiji stands at $25 million annually, states the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation.

Speaking at the opening of the West Shrimp Conference in Nadroga, Fisheries minister, Semi Koroilavesau says aquatic food is imported to cater for the tourism industry and restaurants around the country.

Koroilavesau says the ministry is working out ways to increase farmed sea foods and to help reduce the import bill.

“Most of Fiji’s aquaculture feed is important through this new and improved initiatives. The ministry is looking to start producing quality food that are more Fiji focused and are affordable to farmers.”

Koroilavesau says the ministry is also having talks with landowners who have vacant land to be used for aqua farming.

The ministry is working to develop 120 shrimp farms to cater for the demands locally.

Source FBC News