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GAPP and True North Seafood announce new partnership

The Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) and True North Seafood have announced a partnership to promote new offerings—two of which feature Wild Alaska Pollock—as part of GAPP’s North American Partnership Programme.

True North Seafood is one of the largest providers of seafood in North America and is a vertically-integrated leader in both farmed and wild seafood.

This will be the second time that GAPP has partnered with True North Seafood under the partnership programme. The Martha Stewart branded product line for True North Seafood will feature four signature offerings, two of which feature Wild Alaska Pollock. Specifically, Wild Alaska Pollock with Southwest Spice Blend; and a Seafood Medley (Wild Alaska Pollock, Atlantic Salmon, and Bay Scallops) with Herb Spice Blend are expected to hit U.S. grocery stores in June 2019.

The other two products are Sockeye Salmon with Miso Butter and Atlantic Salmon with Lemon Herb Butter.

“We couldn’t be more excited about this partnership” said Craig Morris, Chief Executive Officer of GAPP.

“True North Seafood has been an excellent partner for GAPP and our Board of Directors had no doubt that this innovative proposal would help top quality Wild Alaska Pollock reach greater markets.”

 “We are excited to work with Martha Stewart to offer consumers an easy and convenient way to prepare delicious tasting seafood at home,” said Jill Cronk, Director of Marketing for True North Seafood.

With the support of GAPP, True North will work to promote these new product offerings in retail stores nationwide through various marketing tools including social media, bloggers and influencers, and advertisements in the Martha Stewart Living magazine.

The wild Alaska pollock used in the Martha Stewart and True North Seafood product line is MSC certified. The North American Partnership Programme was conceived by the GAPP Board of Directors to recognize and provide support for companies throughout the Wild Alaska Pollock industry who are looking to bring new, innovative products to market or introduce the fish to food influencers and decision-makers at forums where it hasn’t previously had visibility.

The organization received a record number of applications for the second round of funding through the programme, and the Board selected twelve of proposals to move forward and receive funding.

For 2019-2020, GAPP has set aside $3 million towards this initiative and has now earmarked nearly $1.3 million to date towards partnerships in these first two rounds of funding.

“Martha Stewart was drawn to the same thing our members are most proud of—the story behind this incredible fish,” said Morris. “We’re excited to work with True North Seafood to share these new, delicious products—and the incredible story behind Wild Alaska Pollock—with new consumers from coast to coast.”