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Golden Fish Winners Announced

Golden Fish Winners Announced – The winners of the ‘Golden Fish’ have been announced following an exciting competition at the Sirha exhibition in Lyon, France.

Eight master fishmongers competed for the title by preparing and presenting The Scottish Salmon Company’s Label Rouge Tartan Salmon and answering questions to demonstrate their knowledge. In first place was Pierre Bessonnet, who was followed by Romain Paro in second place and Brian Isihlis, who was awarded third place for their efforts.

Sponsored by The Scottish Salmon Company, the Golden Fish competition is arranged by Gaston Moreau, president of Lyon-Poissonnier-Ecailler society and presided over by Etienne Chavirer, Best Craftsman of France (Meilleur Ouvrier de France) 2007, one of the country’s most talented fishmongers. The panel of judges also includes seafood professionals, who will be looking for the presentations to demonstrate absolute precision and perfection.

Sirha is a world-renowned hospitality and food service event, which takes place in Lyon every two years and showcases the crème de la crème of the industry over five days with over 3,000 international exhibitors.

Craig Anderson, chief executive of The Scottish Salmon Company, said: “We are proud to be sponsoring the competition for a third time and showcasing our Label Rouge Tartan Salmon. Our congratulations go to all of the competitors for their efforts at this year’s ‘Golden Fish’ competition. Each of these professionals are true ambassadors and represent the very best in their industry in France.”

Gaston Moreau, president of Lyon-Poissonnier-Ecailler society, added: “It was wonderful to have the support of The Scottish Salmon Company once again at this year’s Sirha exhibition. The ‘Golden Fish’ competition showcased the top talent of French fishmongers. The finalists were exceptional, and all deserve our congratulations.”

Image caption:
Bottom from left to right :
Brunot Cabut, president of food professionnal association in Lyon
Brigitte Delanchy, managing director of Delanchy group
Gaston Moreau, president of LPE
Alain Merle, honor president of golden shell competition
Jean-Luc Vianey, vice president of LPE
Frederic Chevallet, SSC + honor president of golden fish competition

Middle :
James Leduc, 2nd golden shell
Sonia Bichet : special prize for the jury
Christian Parea, 3rd Golden shell

Top :
Thibert Rival, winner of golden shell