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Green Reefers choose Norwegian Greentech ballast water treatment systems. Norwegian Greentech has signed new fleet contracts for potential delivery of a considerable number of ballast water treatment systems, one of these is Green Reefers with a fleet of 19 vessels

“We chose Norwegian Greentech’s solution because it offers a very compact system combined with low power consumption at a competitive price. Norwegian Greentech has flexible solutions that makes the systems easy to install on ships with limited space,” says Jon Rørtveit, General Manager of Green Management.

HAV Design’s branch in Poland has, at the same time, been chosen to for engineering and update of the ships’ documentation in accordance with the applicable class requirements,’ Rørtveit adds.

Norwegian Greentech and HAV Design are both HAV Group subsidiaries, which was recently listed for trading at the Euronext Growth Oslo.

Determined efforts

Børge Gjelseth, Sales and Marketing Director at Norwegian Greentech, says that the company’s goal is to become a leading supplier of ballast water treatment systems for small and medium-sized vessels.

“We have made determined efforts to this end for more than ten years, and we are now reaping the benefits of the huge amount of work our team has invested in this.”

Gjelseth goes on to say that Norwegian Greentech received a new DNV certificate before Christmas, which is in accordance with IMO’s updated guidelines on treatment of ballast water. This is clear proof that the system has been designed to meet the most stringent requirements. We have recently completed all testing for approval from the US Coast Guard, we expect to receive the approval soon, which will open doors in new markets.

“As well as having considerable amount of orders in terms of fleet agreements, we have also secured a large number of individual orders for both newbuilds and retrofits. We are still at the very start of this huge boom,” Gjelseth concludes.

Norwegian Greentech

Norwegian Greentech is a complete supplier of sustainable water treatment systems. Its main product is currently ballast water treatment systems. The company is also a major supplier of treatment systems to the offshore and land-based aquaculture industry.

The company has sold over 500 treatment systems to date, and the market is seeing strong growth due to international requirements.

Norwegian Greentech is an independent company in the HAV Group, with offices in Fosnavåg and 14 permanent employees.