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Indonesia disputes tuna recovery plan. Indonesia said it objects to the recent tuna recovery plan because the estimates of the catch were incorrect and the plan would jeopardise the economic stability and livelihoods of the Indonesian fisheries sector.

The country’s Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries issued a statement over its recent objection to the adoption of an interim plan for the recovery of the Indian Ocean yellowfin tuna stocks in the Indian Ocean Tuna Commission (IOTC) area of ​​competence.

“At the 25th IOTC session, Indonesia supported the need to adopt a revised interim stockpile maintenance plan to ensure that the resource is recovered from the yellowfin tuna overfishing within the required time frame,” the ministry explained. “However, Indonesia did not agree with the catch that was allocated under this proposal, and it is for this reason that Indonesia decided to object to the measure that was ultimately adopted as Resolution 21/01.”

In accordance with the measure taken, Indonesia will receive a TAC for the catch of tuna in the amount of 22,242 tons for 2022, which is calculated in accordance with paragraph 5a of Resolution 21/01 as a catch reduction of 12% compared to the catch in 2014, the ministry explained.

Indonesia would fully agree with the 12 percent reduction if applied to catch data reported by the Ministry to the IOTC Secretariat.

In 2014, Indonesia reported 45,122 tonnes of yellowfin tuna in the prescribed 1-RC forms as required by the IOTC. If a 12% reduction were applied to this catch indicator, this would mean a TAC allocation of 39,707 tonnes in 2022.

The dispute arises because the IOTC Secretariat undertook a reassessment based on the 2012 Indonesian fishery joint study, which looked at sample data on catch composition by fleet from 2003 to 2011. Indonesia agreed with the findings but now believes that significant improvements have been made in the data collection system in recent years.

Source: Fishretail.ru