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The NFFO’s new Chairman, Cornish fisherman, Andrew Pascoe, has said that he is gratified to see the UK fishing industry uniting to ensure that we secure the best possible deal as the UK leaves the EU and the CFP.

“I realise that I am very new to this position”, said Andrew Pascoe, “But from where I stand, I can see fishers of vessels of all sizes and classes of vessel, putting aside differences to ensure that we speak with a single voice and work together to secure a common goal – the UK as an independent coastal state.”

“The NFFO has seen a surge in membership over the past 12 months which must be a sign that we offer a credible and vigorous voice for the Industry in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. New members have joined from all of the main sectors: producer organisations, non-sector, under-10s and non-quota. It’s good to have the South Western FPO back in the fold but equally it is good to see that non-quota crab and lobster and scallop fishers see the importance of working together. We all have something at stake in this.”

“I see the meeting of a wide range of UK fishing industry organisation, in Manchester a couple of months ago, as another sign of a growing maturity and seriousness and unity of purpose. And the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation and the NFFO have recently reaffirmed that they hold a set of common objectives. All this is very positive, very welcome. It is one in the eye for the naysayers who say that our industry will always be fragmented and divided; and to those who seek to divide us.”

“Our recent lobby day in Parliament demonstrated how we can get our central messages across to ministers and parliamentarians, without diluting the diversity of views from the different parts of the coast and different sectors in our fleets.”