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Johnshaven Fish Festival Seeks Sponsors

Johnshaven Fish Festival Seeks Sponsors – The Johnshaven Annual Fish Festival in Aberdeenshire will be held on 3 August this year, and the organisers are seeking sponsors for this great visitor event.

Held in the picturesque harbour area of the village, the event attracted over 6000 visitors last year and has established itself as a one of the must attend events for locals and tourists alike.

Alongside the customary array of fish stalls, crafts, local fare and live music, the festival offers a day out in a relaxed and informal manner packed with fun and entertainment.

Traditional SkillsThe local pipe band perform on the streets every hour and Scottish dancers keep the crowd enthralled with their lively show held along the dockside.

The proceeds of the event have enabled The Fish Festival to make donations to some very worthy local causes such as the “Montrose Lifeboat” in recognition of the part they play in saving lives at sea.

Sponsorships, donations and income from trade stalls provide the finance required to cover the running costs of the festival.

If you can help with sponsorship, please contact eileen@thebigeventcompany.me  Tel 07853 440046

Sponsorship opportunities include:

Title Sponsor

This is the premier sponsorship at the event and offers an exclusive opportunity for one company to be branded Title sponsor.

The package includes:

  • The Johnshaven Fish Festival is brought to you by (your company logo here) excusive!
  • To deliver a short speech opening the event from the main stage and address the audience with your company message
  • Banner Branding on both stages exclusive to you
  • Branding on the event programme as Title Sponsor
  • Branding on all signage for the event as title sponsor
  • Branding on all marketing materials
  • Your logo on our website for the event
  • Your company name becomes synonymous with “The Johnshaven Fish Festival” co-branding the event

The official Car sponsorship

This is an opportunity for one car dealer to shine at the Johnshaven Fish Festival 2019.

The sponsorship allows one prestigious car dealer to:

  • Display 4 of their cars at strategic points around the event
  • To control and brand the valet parking area.
  • Attendants will be dressed in your company shirts
  • Signage at the valet parking area
  • opportunity to collect attendees data
  • opportunity to distribute company leaflets and information
  • Your logo on the event programme and an editorial mention
  • Your logo on our website

Programme of Events

We will be producing a running order of the day packed with useful information on the event and Johnshaven itself

We have an opportunity for one company to take ownership of the programme

  • The Front cover would depict your company as sponsor of the official programme 2019
  • The back cover would be your full-page company advert
  • Your logo on our branding
  • Your logo on our website

Raffle Prize Sponsor

Unique sponsorship of our Fish Festival Raffle

As the raffle sponsor, we give you the opportunity to provide a prize donated by your company that depicts your business

  • Ticket sellers will be branded in your company shirts
  • Raffle tickets branded with your company name
  • Opportunity to do the raffle presentation on the main stage and address the audience
  • This is a great opportunity to engage with the community in a relaxed and informal way
  • Logo included on signage, programme, marketing materials and website

 Support Sponsors

We have a limited amount of space for support sponsors without whom we could not hold this gala event ever year. Your support helps us help the local community of this historic village and keep this bespoke festival alive.

Sponsorship includes

  • Your logo on the event signage as support sponsor
  • Your logo on the programme of events
  • Your logo on marketing materials
  • Your logo on the website for the event

For more details on all these great sponsorship opportunities, contact:    Tel 07853 440046


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