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KROMA A/S Acquires part of Dansupply Automation

KROMA A/S acquires part of Dansupply Automation Ensuring Easier Access to the Salmon Market and future growth.

Kroma, the Danish manufacturer of fish-processing equipment, is acquiring the part of the company that delivers equipment to the fish and food industry. The primary objective for the investment in Dansupply Automation is because they have just designed a good conveyor system which is very hygienic. The system is being used by the same
customers who Kroma A/S would like to target. This provides an opportunity to get access to customers from 2 angles.

Also, the acquisition means that KROMA A/S will get easier access to the salmon market in the near future. In the long term, they can also deliver conveyor systems in other parts of the food processing industry and support future growth.

KROMA A/S is one of the top companies with a deep passion for the fish processing industry. They emphasize hygienic products for future merits, which is why everyone believes that acquisition of Dansupply Automation is a prudent move. Dansupply’s knowledge, creativity, and expertise will be valuable assets to their portfolio, which fits the way KROMA A/S thinks and works.

Building a more hygienic and effective fish processing capability and equipment is not only progressive but also pre-emptive. We live in a world with an increasing challenge of ensuring that
food is safe. Beyond profit, such a move is a social service on a global scale, as fish harvest processed in one part of the world gets to various places across the world.

Buying and revitalizing the part of Dansupply’s business bought by KROMA A/S will help the fish industry retain and protect critical fish processing infrastructure. It will also help people keep their jobs, encourage the flow of ideas, and help the industry grow.


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