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Large Trawler full of Praise for Hanstholm’s new Port – By Ole Iversen

Denmark’s second-biggest trawler, Beinur from Hirtshals, was moored at the quay in Hanstholm on Wednesday.

The trawler’s hold contains some 2500 tonnes of North Sea sprats, which are destined for Hanstholm Fiskemelsfabrik FF Skagen A/S.
Today the 78-metre long blue trawler uses Hanstholm as its preferred port of call for unloading its cargo, although this has not always been the case.

Skipper Gunnar Nolsø explains that over the years many thousands of tonnes of trash fish have sailed past Hanstholm and have been unloaded in either Hirtshals or Skagen, with the port at Hanstholm being overlooked on many occasions.

“The Port of Hanstholm was simply too risky and precarious to call at with a large vessel in strong winds of around 20 m/s. Things have now greatly improved, however.

The Faroese skipper confirms that a marked change has occurred.

” I’ve been sailing to Hanstholm for 13 years – in all sorts of weather. Initially with the former Beinur, but now with the new – and much bigger – Beinur. On several occasions I’ve felt the heavily laden ship hit the seabed so hard in bad weather that the entire hull shook. Your heart tends to miss a beat for a moment, as you wonder whether any damage has been done to the ship.

“You can potentially suffer disastrous damage to the rudder and lose the ability to steer the ship. But today things are completely different. We now approach the port from the east, behind the new western breakwater, which offers immediate protection.

“Previously, the approach was from the north, which meant that a combination of transverse currents and strong winds could make sailing between the breakwaters extremely risky, he says.

It is now a completely different and much safer port to approach.

“I’m sure that the upgraded port will provide huge benefits to the region, says Gunnar Nolsø.
Trawlers and seine boats will no longer choose to sail past with their heavy loads – and indeed the port has a great location in relation to the fishing grounds.

“There are times when we’ve fished for four days in the southern part of the North Sea. Unloading at Hanstholm instead of sailing to Skagen enables us to cut three-quarters of a day off the length of a fishing trip. Saving 160 nautical miles, extra fuel and time can really be seen on the bottom line if you’re fishing all-year-round”, says the Faroese skipper.

In addition, Gunnar Nolsø adds that Hanstholm is in general a good port where you’re made to feel at home.
Service is excellent and the people are very friendly and helpful, concludes the skipper of HG 62 Beinur.

Main Photo : Beinur at the unloading quay in Hanstholm. A greater number of large vessels will call at the port, simply because the new breakwater makes the port much safer to approach in bad weather. Photo: Ole Iversen