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Many Advantages with Tornado

Many Advantages with Tornado – The Scottish trawler Christina S is using a set of 11m2 Tornado trawl doors, and the skipper Allan Simpson is very happy with the performance of the doors.

Tornado Trawl DoorHe says: “Very happy with the Vónin Tornado. Not only am I getting much better trawl openings and improved towing efficiency. I can also turn more aggressively on fast moving fish marks while maintaining the full opening of the net.”

Since the Tornado trawl doors entered the market in 2016 it has been noted that customers in average have gone more than 20% down in door size and still having a very powerful trawl door with low drag resistance.

There are many advantages with TORNADO trawl doors which are different and innovative. This pelagic trawl door is designed with five foils and the Flow Booster, which boosts the speed of the water flow through the foils, so the doors get an extra high lift.

The lift the TORNADO generates is the most impressive on the market, which we also see as the customers normally go 2-3m2 down in size, when they switch to TORNADO.

This pelagic trawl door design is patent pending.

Size Weight   Size Weight Size Weight
m2 kg   m2 kg m2 kg
1,0 250 6,0 2200 11,0 4200
2,0 650 7,0 2600 12,0 4600
3,0 1050 8,0 3000 13,0 5000
4,0 1450 9,0 3400 14,0 5400
5,0 1850 10,0 3800 15,0 5800

 Other sizes and weights are available on request.


Picture: Ivan Reid