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Metal cutting for 6th RFC supertrawler has begun. The Admiralty Shipyards (St. Petersburg) began cutting metal for the sixth vessel from a series of supertrawlers for the Russian Fishery Company (RFC).

“This year we have a number of important events ahead of us. The first pair of super trawlers will be handed over to the company, the second will be launched, the keels of the fifth and sixth vessels will be laid, – said Dmitry Sapov, deputy director general of the RFC for fleet construction. – The need to complete the construction and renovation of the fleet as soon as possible is now more evident than ever. It is important for the company, as well as for the entire industry, to obtain additional processing capacities in order to replace raw materials exports with products of deep processing and diversify sales markets. ”

In total, Admiralty Shipyards will build 10 supertrawlers for the RFC as part of the investment quotas programme. The capacity of the new vessels is designed to catch 60 thousand tons of fish per year and deep processing up to 100% of the catches. Every year each vessel will be able to produce 15 thousand tons of fillets, mince and surimi, more than 8 thousand tons of other products, including Pollock roe and other fish by-products, as well as about 6 thousand tons of high-quality fish meal and fat from main production waste.

The new vessels ensure the highest level of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness currently available. CO2 emissions per tonne of fish caught will be halved compared to vessels used today.

Crews are provided with the most comfortable working and living conditions on board.

In December 2020, the RFC received the first supertrawler built by the Tersan shipyard (Turkey). 10 vessels at the Admiralty shipyards are built in pairs, with a gap of about a year between the keels laying of each pair. The handover of the first two vessels is scheduled for the second half of 2021.

About Russian Fishery Company

RFC is one of the largest producers of Pollock globally. The company is among the three leading Russian producers of wild white fish. The main harvested species are Pollock and Pacific Нerring. RFC is engaged in fishing in the far Eastern fisheries basin. The Company’s large fishing vessels are well suited to work in all fishing areas and under all climate conditions. They are equipped with modern fishing and processing equipment from leading international suppliers that enables the vessels to harvest different types of seafood. Strategic goals of the Company involve increasing the output of high value-added products due to fleet modernisation, building of new, state-of-the-art supertrawlers and coastal processing plants.

RFC is building a new fleet of supertrawlers. Each trawler is designed for an annual catch 60 thousand tons of fish, which is 2.5 times higher than the productivity of vessels that are today the basis of the fishing fleet in the Russian Far East. The first of 11 supertrawlers to be built for the RFC was handed over to the company in 2020.

Visit http://www.russianfishery.ru/eng/ to learn more.