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Marine Science



Modest Fish produce ocean guide for kids.The ocean is fascinating and is vital to our ecosystem and so much of it is yet to be explored. In fact, we know more about the surface of Mars than we do about our own sea floor.

With the emphasis on educating future generations on what can be done to protect our oceans, a new on line guide for children has been created by Modest Fish.

With the problems created by plastic pollution and ghost fishing gear and the drastic effect this has on ocean ecosystems. Maintaining the food chain and the importance of sustainable and responsible fishing so that we can feed ourselves. Showing how important the oceans are to the life of our planet, whether it be about sustainable energy, through off shore wind farms or wave power, or the fact that are oceans are becoming more acidic, due to increasing levels of CO2 in our atmosphere, which can cause the death of coral reefs, home to 25% of all marine species, the engagement of future generations is of vital importance.

Modest Fish have a website about aquariums and have an audience with a strong interest in helping oceans. The company have produced a guide, full of interesting ocean facts, designed to spark kids’ interest and help them engage with our oceans. It’s full of fun, mind-tingling facts about the deep blue and what lies beneath. Although sometimes it seems as though there is no hope for our oceans, getting children involved at a young age and hopefully inspiring the next generation of marine scientists, aquaculture specialists and responsible fishermen, with a strong ethos for ocean protection, seems like a pretty good idea.

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