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Morgere Trawl Doors to Exhibit at Galway

Morgere Trawl Doors to Exhibit at Galway – Morgere has strong historical links with Ireland and their trawl doors have been widely used by Irish fishermen for many years.

Morgère Trawl Doors to exhibit at Galway where they will be promoting the Exocet trawl door and the V3 trawl door at Skipper Expo Int. 2019, both of these doors are ideally suited for Irish demersal fisheries due to their excellent performance in challenging offshore conditions.

Exocet is now used with great success by fishing vessels in several parts of the world, with fishermen attracted by the robustness and stability offered by the door, combined with the reduced drag that benefits fuel consumption. A key feature is the lower angle of attack compared with a standard door while maintaining the same spread.

The V3 trawl door is widely used by Irish fishermen because of its strong reinforced construction that has been specially designed for use over rough sea beds, with its oval shape well suited for fishing over rocks and other challenging environments.

“The Irish market has always been tremendously important to us and we were keen to reinforce our strong links with Ireland by attending Skipper Expo Int. Galway 2019,” says Michel Dagorn of Morgère.

“Both Exocet and the V3 are well suited for the fishing conditions found off Ireland and the UK,” he says.



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