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New CEO and Chairman for Norcod

The Norwegian aquaculture pioneer, Norcod, has appointed Christian Riber as new CEO. At the same time Marit Solberg steps up as new Chairman of the Board of Directors.

As of 14 December, Christian Riber is appointed new CEO at Norcod. At the same time, he steps down as Chairman of the Board of Directors at Norcod and as Commercial Director at Sirena Group.

Member of the Board Marit Solberg steps up as new Chairman of the Board of Directors. The recent CEO Hilde R. Storhaug continues at Norcod in a new position as CSO, Chief Sustainability Officer.

Marit Solberg  said: “I am happy to be trusted the job as new board chairman. And I am delighted that Christian has taken upon him to lead Norcod forward as new CEO. Norcod is to enter a new important phase towards the first projected sales of farmed cod in June 2021 and Christian is ideal to lead the company going forward. He has been part of Norcod right from the start, is fuelled by founder drive, and comes with a strong commercial background of more than 12 years of experience within the whitefish industry.”

Marit Solberg is former COO at Mowi, former Chairman of the Board in the Norwegian Seafood Council and has a vast experience and track record within the seafood industry. Christian Riber looks forward to entering his new role at Norcod.

“Norcod is on an exciting journey to re-innovate and recreate the business of farmed cod. We have worked hard during the start-up phase and to get where we are now – on the verge of delivering a high-quality cod responsibly produced to retailers, restaurant, and consumers. I am humble and proud to enter the new role as CEO with the opportunity to get closer to the daily management and operations. I would also like to thank Hilde for her strong effort as CEO and I am very pleased that she has accepted a new challenge as Chief Sustainability Officer,” Christian Riber says.

The appointment of Hilde R. Storhaug as CSO underlines Norcods strong focus on sustainability:

“Sustainability is key to the future success of Norcod and our ambition to provide a new healthy source of protein for consumers around the world. With my new position I will be able to dedicate all my time and energy into this matter which has been core to us all along the way. I am really looking forward to take Norcods efforts within sustainability and responsible production to the next level,” says Hilde R. Storhaug.

Norcod’s core business is commercial sea farming of cod but through partnerships is involved in the entire value chain. Norcod’s fish farms are located in Mid-Norway with ideal cold-water habitat conditions for cod. The company is contributing to blue ocean value creation with minimal impact on the environment while supporting local communities.