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Marine Science



New KIMO scholarship holder announced. Anna Axelsson has been appointed KIMO’s scholarship holder this year.

KIMO’s mission is to unite local governments, prevent pollution and protect, preserve and enhance the seas and coastal waters of the North-East Atlantic and Baltic regions.

Every year between four and 12 millions of tonnes of plastic waste ends up in the oceans, making it the world’s biggest landfill. Meanwhile, scientists estimate that 14 million tonnes of plastic is already lying at the bottom of our oceans.

Microplastic pollution can be the result of larger pieces of plastic waste breaking down in the sea. However, microplastic pollution from textiles comes from tiny threads of plastic known as microfibers. These break away from clothes and other fabrics is the wash. This happens both during manufacturing and at home in your washing machine.

Anna describes herself as an environmental scientist with a focus on the sea. She has just finished her master’s degree in Sea and Society at the University of Gothenburg. The scholarship’s theme is ghost nets and plastic in the sea. Ghost nets are lost fishing gear that continue to fish without anyone taking care of the catch and other animals can also get caught in the gear. The nets are made of synthetic fibre material and do great damage for a long time. KIMO wants to know more about how big the problem is, but also learn more about the good initiatives that exist to fix the problem. The results will be presented this autumn.

The scholarship last year was about microplastics from textiles. That report is available to download on the KIMO website.