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Nueva Pescanova scoops documentary award2

Nueva Pescanova scoops documentary award

The  Nueva Pescanova Group has won the Gold trophy  Mercury Excellence Awards 2019-2020 in the category best documentary for the “The City Born from the Sea”  

(www.laciudadquenaciodelmar.com), an audiovisual project consisting of a documentary and 7 short (1 minute) videos about the Corporate Social Responsibility of the Group in Namibia.

The documentary unveils the history of Lüderitz, a small Namibian town located between the desert and the sea, that was reborn thanks to the boost of the fishing industry after the arrival of Pescanova almost 30 years ago.

Based on real characters and stories, the common thread is Nelago Kwedhi, the first woman in Namibia to earn a degree as captain. At present, more than 2,000 people work for Nueva Pescanova in Namibia, which has boosted the growth of this town by building homes, nurseries for the children of its employees and playgrounds. In addition, it opened the first fish shop to encourage fish consumption among its population and is committed to training its employees, giving them opportunities for professional growth in an area that had no future. This has made Lüderitz a place of opportunity, which now offers work, education and possibilities to those who choose to grow there.

Tesa Díaz-Faes, Communications Manager of the Nueva Pescanova Group said: “We are honoured to receive such a prestigious international award. The idea behind “The City Born from the Sea” was to show our commitment to the communities in which we are present in an original and didactic way. With this documentary we wanted to put on record the progress of Lüderitz, a coastal town that was reborn thanks to the arrival of the Group and is now land of opportunities”.

And she added: “Apart from showing our work there, it is an awareness-raising initiative about the important role that companies play in the search and development of responsible and sustainable productive models. The world had top know the history of Pescanova in Lüderitz”.

The Mercury Excellence Awards date back to 1987. They are organized by MerComm Inc., an international and independent entity based in the US, and created to promote excellence in the field of communication. These awards recognize PR and Communication professionals that have made a difference in the global market. The judges are a panel of professionals of this sector that analyze the proposals received based on creativity clarity, effectiveness and innovation criteria.

The Nueva Pescanova Group is the first seafood company in the world in terms of its contributions to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), according to the Seafood Stewardship Index (SSI). It has 226 CSR projects in four of the 20 countries where it operates.