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Nueva Pescanova underlines its commitment to sustainability. Nueva Pescanova Group, in its commitment to the planet and sustainable development, has adhered to the Principles for a Sustainable Ocean of the United Nations Global Compact, a union with which the multinational guarantees responsible ocean practices in the 19 countries where it is present.

Through this adhesion, Nueva Pescanova Group says it is committed to continue ensuring the care of the seas, as well as that the risks and opportunities related to the care of the oceans continue to be integrated into the global corporate strategy, risk management and reporting that support these principles, in a spirit of continuous improvement.

In this way, the company seeks to promote its 101 actions aligned with Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) number 14, focused on the protection, conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources.

Ignacio González, CEO of Nueva Pescanova Group, said:

“We work to promote and characterise all our projects by identifying our active contribution to the 17 ODS, especially those related to sustainability and the oceans, an ecosystem on which our activity depends and which we must look after together”.

A company statement said:

The success of the Group’s productive fishing and aquaculture activities depends, to a large extent, on the productivity of natural ecosystems, so sustainable performance is a priority objective for the Group. Through environmental protection, biodiversity conservation and rational use of natural resources, Nueva Pescanova Group contributes to maintaining their quality, diversity and availability in sufficient quantity for use by present and future generations.

“The company implements initiatives of responsible action with the seas, complying with the principles of the FAO and participating with the governments of the countries where it operates for a progressive and better legal and biological order of its resources. Among the actions aligned with the Sustainable Development Objectives for the Ocean, the ‘Pescanova Blue’ Sustainability Programme stands out, an integrated plan of initiatives designed to lead and document responsible action and sustainable use of natural resources throughout the company’s value chain: fishing, farming, processing and commercialisation.

“Among other examples of initiatives launched to favour the protection of the oceans, the Group is renewing its fleet with new vessels incorporating the latest technology for greater energy and fishing efficiency, and is strengthening its aquaculture activities to ensure human nutrition with marine animal protein, thus relieving the pressure on wild fishing grounds.”