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Seafood Processing



Over 120,000 tonnes through RoteX Onboard. With its popular RoteX™ Onboard bleeding and chilling system, Skaginn 3X is providing the means by which modern fishing businesses can ensure the high quality and value of their catch is maintained‍

Being able to conduct the fish bleeding and chilling process promptly and at the right temperature has become crucial to every commercial fishing vessel looking to maximise the value of its catch. It’s therefore no surprise that more than 120,000 tonnes of fish caught by Icelandic fishing vessels passed through Skaginn 3X’s RoteX™ Onboard system last year. Developed in close partnership with commercial fishermen and fishing activities around the world, the patented RoteX™ Onboard bleeding and chilling solution is ideal for upholding fish quality on fishing vessels of all sizes. This sophisticated equipment provides complete control of the fish bleeding and chilling process.

By having full control of the time and temperature in the bleeding and chilling process, which is supported by the First-in, First-out (FIFO) principle, RoteX™ ensures that every single fish receives exactly the same level of treatment and care.

Those fishing ventures that have already invested in the RoteX™ Onboard system – with sales now already in excess of 130 units – have seen the superior quality of their products recognized, and further value placed on the longer, more consistent shelf-life that they offer.

An additional consideration for such fishing operations is to incorporate Skaginn 3X’s onboard SUB-CHILLING™ system. Utilising this revolutionary chilling method in the same onboard setting, enables vessels to keep catches fresher, and bring more product to shore as no ice is needed in the chilling process. This ground-breaking method of can extend product shelf-life by up to 7 days and deliver higher yield in the production process.