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Seafood Processing



Over 20 years of research & innovation in seafood. Through a close working relationship with leading research and development organisation Matís that has already spanned 20 years, Skaginn 3X continues to ensure that its innovations best meet the needs of increasingly sophisticated seafood supply chains.‍

‍Built on the widely-held understanding that fish should be an increasingly important contributor to food and nutritional security globally, Skaginn 3X provides essential processing solutions specifically geared towards enabling the seafood industry to optimise the yield, quality and shelf-life of these crucial resources.

Aligned with the company’s determination to innovate and expand its equipment portfolio, Skaginn 3X also takes great pride in its collaborative endeavours. These have long been a crucial component of its extensive R&D programme. In particular, the 20-year relationship with Matís, the world-renowned Icelandic food and biotech company, has led to many of the technologies that have shaped and advanced the value chain in recent years, taking such processes as onboard bleeding, fish thawing and supercooling to new levels of quality, reliability and consistency. Together they have also worked with food processing companies to create market driven solutions.

Gunnar Þórðarson, Regional Manager at Matís, highlights that one of the most significant outcomes to date is the development of a SUB-CHILLING™ system for whitefish and salmon.

“Personally, this is one of the most exciting projects that I have worked on in my career,” he said.

This ground breaking supercooling solution was a direct result of a 2017 report – compiled by Matís, Skaginn 3X and partners from Norway, Denmark and Iceland – that illustrated the multiple benefits that this technology offers, including improving quality and eliminating the need for ice. With increased shelf-life, it also allows seafood companies to replace airfreight with more cost-effective and greener international transport solutions.

“Today, all new large trawlers built for Icelandic seafood companies have incorporated SUB-CHILLING™ systems onboard, as have a number of salmon slaughterhouses in both Iceland and Norway,” Gunnar adds.

Another strategy in the pipeline is the development of new packaging solutions, specifically targeted at replacing expanded polystyrene boxes (EPS), which are increasingly being associated with environmental challenges.

“Having access to the team of scientists at Matís has directly influenced the development of Skaginn 3X’s products and solutions and has made a major contribution to the global seafood landscape. Our two organizations share very similar ambitions for the future of this exciting, fast-growing industry,” Skaginn 3X’s Head of R&D, Albert Högnason, said.

Both companies believe that in partnership and through close collaboration, they can engage more successfully across the value chain – helping lead actors adapt and optimize processes, and taking responsible best-practice to new levels.