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Propulsion Specialist Expo Success – Michigan Marine Propulsion (MMP) were the only Propulsion specialists to exhibit at Skipper Expo Aberdeen this year, and we had an extremely positive response from visitors.

We took the opportunity to showcase our extensive range of propulsion products; many of which are specifically tailored for the fisheries industry.

Our offering of complete stern gear packages generated a high volume of enquiries for applications from 14” right up through to 2m, attracting new and returning customers.

In addition, the MMP serrated edge rope cutter was a clear favourite among skippers this year for its robust, sharp, effective form and simple design, with many taken home on the day and sales following the show.

This year’s exhibition has brought some great business to MMP already, and gave us the added opportunity to meet with existing clients with boats in build inclusive of our equipment.

We look forward to participating in Skipper Expos next year.

Michigan Marine Propulsion International is a wholly owned subsidiary of the USA based parent company Michigan Wheel Marine. Located in the UK, MMPI has a wealth of knowledge and first hand experience of marine propulsion that it shares with its customer base spanning the globe.