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RAS Connector Series 2021: Join LIVE on 9 June for Danish RAS Tech Seminars and virtual exhibition

The RAS Connector Series 2021 will be LIVE on June 9th, so join the event and you can engage, meet, and connect with representatives and experts from these Danish suppliers to the international aquaculture industry and attend Danish RAS Tech Seminars.

You can meet all companies below on the virtual exhibition, take part and join discussions at the Danish RAS Tech Seminars LIVE on 9 June, where these topics are addressed:

  • Future developments worldwide for land-based RAS facilities.
  • Challenges in RAS that can limit industrial scale RAS farming of e.g. high-value saltwater species.
  • From waste to value: Handling of sludge and waste treatment in RAS.
  • Water as a resource: Water quality parameters and water management in land-based RAS facilities.
  • Alpha Aqua: Circular thinking and sustainable approach to land-based RAS projects.
  • Digitalisation and digital trends in land-based facilities.
  • Healthy fish in RAS: Better business by focusing on biology, fish conditions and feed optimisation.
  • Danish Salmon: Experiences with RAS from a producers’ perspective.
  • The Danish aquaculture industry: Past and present.
  • AKVA Group Land Based: Five areas of key importance to build and run an efficient RAS-facility.

RAS Connector ExhibitorsGo to www.rasconnectorseries.com for full program, speakers, more information and registration. Schedule is listed in Canada/Eastern Time Zone. If European, your time difference is most probably 6 hours ahead.


Denmark at RAS Connector Series is organised by the export network Danish Export – Fish Tech and is supported by The Trade Council.


There is a fee of USD 75 to participate, which gives you access to the platform to all RAS Connector Series live days on 9 June, 14 September and 3 November 2021.

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