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RAS Technology in Borneo

RAS Technology in Borneo – According to an article in The Borneo Post. The Agriculture and Food Industry Minister in Borneo,  Datuk Junz Wong said his ministry was facilitating the use of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) green technology.

He said this after his meeting with SQ Aqualogical Sdn Bhd CEO Ian Quek recently. “RAS is a latest green technology in fish farming where no waste by-products are discharged into the environment.

“All fish wastes whether solid or soluble wastes will be recycled by a biological filtration system and converted to useful nitrates. These nitrates are used in the cultivation of grass and plants which will be used as feed for the fishes,” Junz explained.

SQ Aqualogical, a local based company, was planning to set up 130 acres of inland aquaculture facilities using RAS technology in Borneo in Sabah.

They were eyeing Beaufort for their venture. These facilities will produce highly sought-after fish like the Borneo Hybrid Grouper, Brown Grouper, Ikan Serunsung (Barramundi), Swamp Snapper and others. When fully implemented the facilities will produce 1,000 tonnes of fish for export and 200 tonnes for local consumption.

“This projects will open up 100-150 jobs for local communities who will be trained as aquaculture cadets, fish processors and fish farm attendants,” Junz concluded.